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ADV7612 + ADV7511 : Repeater, SPA handling

Question asked by tomoto Employee on Jul 24, 2018
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Assuming a repeater application using ADV7612&ADV7511.

There are several SPA associated registers in ADV7612 but could you advice what data to write? 

Let me know if I'm missing other SPA associated register need to set. 


SPA_PORT_B[15:0], Addr 64 (Repeater), Address 0x52[7:0]; Address 0x53[7:0]
Source physical address for Port B. This is used for CEC and is located in the HDMI vendor specific data block in the E-EDID.

SPA_LOCATION[7:0], Addr 64 (Repeater), Address 0x70[7:0]
This is the location in the E-EDID record where the SPA is located.