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ADA2200 as a Standalone Configuration with booting from EEPROM doesn't act as it should.

Question asked by patbus on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2018 by patbus

I've got an ADA2200 which should self boot from a connected EEPROM, loading the filter settings and the clock configuration.

I've connected the RST pin to VDD and the BOOT pin to GND. As shown in figure 29 of the datasheet.

The problem is the following: When I power-on the ADA2200 it doesn't load the proper settings from the EEPROM.

I need to bring the BOOT pin high and then low again to have the ADA2200 acting properly as it is configured in the EEPROM.

- Is that the correct behaviour?

- Could it be that the Checksum isn't calculate properly?

Thank you for your help.