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AD9628 register address 0x2E

Question asked by new_buddy on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by DougI

0x2E  Output  Open  Open  Open  Open  Open  Open  Open  0 = ADC A  ADC A = 0x00  Assigns an ADC to an

           assign                                                                             1 = ADC B  ADC B = 0x01   output channel

           (local)                                                                               (local)


In the above register 0x2E it says that it is written to either or both channels (local) depending on register 0x05.

The default column makes me think that ch A is set to A = 0x00 and ch B is set to B = 0x01 on power reset. Is that correct?

So if I was to re-write defaults to both, is the following correct?


write_spi(0x05, 0x01); //select ch A

write_spi(0x2E, 0x00); //set A to ch A

write_spi(0x05, 0x02); //select ch B

write_spi(0x2E, 0x01); //set B to ch B


Or am I complicating things?

I just want to make sure the default values are in all registers before I consider ADC fully operational.


Please advise.