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ADRv9008-1 - get current LO divider via API?

Question asked by daedalus on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Vinod



Is there an API call to get VCO frequency, or the raw RF VCO frequency?


For instance, when I am tuned to 1GHz, the VCO will be running at 8GHz with a divider of 8. As far as I can tell the API only lets me know that I am tuned to 1GHz via TALISE_getRFPllFrequency().


Table 36 in your used guide shows the dividers that are used for a given tune frequency, but I'm not sure what happens at the crossing between the last Upper limit and the next Lower limit. For instance, if tuned to 1500MHz, is the VCO running at 12GHz or 6GHz?


Thanks for the help.