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ADGM1004/1304: What are expected values for CRF (RF port capacitance) On and Off for 10MHz, 100MHz, and 1GHz?

Question asked by on Jul 23, 2018
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Besides this main question, I also have two additional ones:


1) While Vcc_max is 6V, the datasheet mentions the 3.1V to 3.3V range. I would like to use 3.6V due to an existing power source - any issue in using 3.6V? What would be the disadvantages of doing that?



2) What is the expected variability for CRF (RF port capacitance) On and Off for different ports? For instance, considering 1MHz: is it possible that CRF_On_Port1 = 3.3pF and CRF_On_Port3 = 3.7pF assuming accurate measurements using the same equipment and cables in this test? This aspects may be critical for my application.


Thank you for your support (and time),

Agnelo Silva