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AD9208-3000EBZ with the ADS7-V2 2X DDC Question

Question asked by KMHI on Jul 23, 2018
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I am trying to capture data using the AD9208-3000EBZ with the ADS7-V2. Currently I have 3 GHz going into J201 at 10 dBm, and 3.3 GHz going into J101 at -20 dBm on the AD9208-3000EBZ. On the ADS7-V2 I have a 375 MHz signal going in at 10 dBm. 


I have the following configured in initial configuration of the ACE software:

Clock Input: 3 GHz

Chip Operating Mode: DDC0 On...

DDC0 Dec Select: HB1 Complex...

L = 4, M = 1, F = 2, N' = 16...


What I want to do is get a 2x DDC going, if possible, with an input sampling frequency of 3 GHz into J201, and a swept input frequency going into J101 from 2.95 Ghz to 3.65 GHz. 


I have attached some screenshots from the GUI if that helps. Thanks!



Additional side question:

Under the AD9208 Analysis window in the Capture Tab there is a Resolution Setting (in the General settings drop down menu). What does this resolution adjust both in the GUI and the hardware?