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ADV7280M : NTSC : iMX7D

Question asked by dh29 on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by dh29

I am using an iMX7D NXP processor (Linux Freescale BSP v4.9.11) with an ADV7280M connected via its MIPI CSI interface. I have this arrangement successfully working for PAL in both PROGRESSIVE and INTERLACED operating modes of the ADV7280M. This works with both a PAL camera feed and when the ADV7280M generates its own PAL test signal (color-bars).


I am struggling to get the same arrangement working with an NTSC feed.


For my working PAL I have configured the active image sizes as:

  • PAL INTERLACED = 720 x 288
  • PAL PROGRESSIVE = 720 x 576


As interlaced NTSC can have difference image sizes for the ODD and EVEN fields, I have concentrated on progressive. Following the same line of thinking as for PAL I have tried the following active image size:

  • NTSC INTERLACED = 720 x 480


The image I get is clearly recognizable, BUT the image is scrolling diagonally.


I get this problem when feeding the ADV7280M from an NTSC camera and also if I configure the ADV7280M to output its internal NTSC test pattern (color bars). Hence I have concluded that the problem is nothing to do with the camera itself. The ADV7280M is configured using the AD test scripts.


Anybody have any thoughts on why NTSC is not stable and is scrolling diagonally?