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Signs of FMCOMMS2 Transceiver Deterioration ?

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by mr_nazrin

Hi Analog Dedicated Team,


I did some comparison signals between TX-RX 1 and TX-RX 2 on fmcomms2 using GNURadio. This experiment was taken in May 2018 as shown in Fig1  below.

  Loop back configurations

And the result as shown in Fig2 below:

TxRx comparison

Clearly this variation seem acceptable. Then lately i found some error on my user application. Then I run again this experiment and the result shown high significant different on TX-RX 2 as shown in Fig 3 below( taken by today).

high variation RX TX2

on TX-RX 1 look normal but huge variation on TX-RX 2.


Then I did some sweep on frequency to observe their magnitude consistency as shown in Fig 4 below.



1- Anyone have idea why this symptom happen only on one transceiver (TX-RX 2 only) ? but others receiver TX-RX 1 seems OK?


2-How I can calibrate those TX-RX 2 path ?


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