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LT8301 Line Regulation and Stability

Question asked by ChethanKS on Jul 23, 2018
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We are planning to use LT8301 with 750315837 for generating 28V from 8-32V input. The input supply is current limited and hence voltage on LT8301 input ramps up/down slowly. 


1) When we simulated for the line regulation of LT8301 with slowly rising/falling input voltage, the output voltage is varying more than 10%. The response was checked for different load capacitance and load current and still large variation is observed


2) With slow ramp up/down of input voltage, is there any constraint on LT8301 due to its operation without continuous output voltage feedback? 


3) Since LT8301 doesn't has external compensation provision, is there any ways to improve the line response.


4) We need to operate with 0.5mm insulation thickness between transformer windings. The leakage inductance is expected to increase, please suggest whether flyback is recommended or a pushpull converter with necessary buck/boost at its I/O.


5) Since we need to provide 0.5mm solid insulation between I/O, we may not be able to provide a capacitance across the transformer for EMI reduction. Any suggestions for meeting EMI/EMC compliance without a capacitor across transformer.


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