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LT3050 Iout/Imon

Question asked by Yuya on Jul 23, 2018
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My customers are considering using the LT 3050.
I got an inquiry there.


The value of Iout / Imon was measured under the following conditions, and it was measured to be around 87 in actual measurement.

Calculation using the calculation formula of data sheet P.15 resulted in about 95.5,
Calculation and measurement are different.


# 1  Is there graph data etc of Iout / Imon at low output current (@ Iout = 5 mA)?

# 2  Is there anything that can be considered as a reason why the numerical values differ between actual

   measurement and calculation?



VIN: 10 V
VOUT: 5.3 V
IOUT: 5 mA


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