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ad9208-3000ebz schematic

Question asked by TERRY123 on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by UmeshJ

I have some questions about ad9208-3000ebz schematic & BOM.


1. In the schematic, R222(100 ohm) seems to be insert. But actually, on the AD9208-3000EBZ, R222 is not inserted.

Indeed, there is no R222 in the BOM of AD9208-3000EBZ.

what is the role of R222? I think the role of R222 is impedance matching for ADC Sampling Clock.

do I not need to insert R222 for designing the circuit for driving AD9208?   



2. C204, C205 is 0.1uF in the schematic of ad9208-3000ebz. But in the BOM, C204 & C205 is 1pF.

   Which one is correct??


3. C10, C11 is 1uF in the schematic of ad9208-3000ebz. But in the BOM C10, C11 is 0.1uF.

 Which one is correct?


4. if I want to drive the ad9208 as subclass0, could I place SYSREF+, SYSREF- pin as floating???


5. I know any power sequence is not needed for driving AD9208. Then, once AD9208 turn on by power supply, does AD9208 operate by itself as default setting (Register) ?? 


I attached the schematic, BOM got from ADI