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ADAU1701 TDM slave input configuration 

Question asked by 6Resh6 on Jul 21, 2018
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In my project I'm trying  to connect Teensy 3.5 (as master) and ADAU1701 (as slave).


Previously I have done successful double I2S connection between them, and everything sounds perfect! I have 4 mono outputs on the ADAU1701 DACs, played by Teensy from SD-Card.


But now I can't understand how to make right configuration in SigmaDSP studio for slave TDM 8ch input to ADAU1701...


Here is some parameters about Teensy TDM that I have found fir now:



All this information I got from here:


There is working TDM connection with other DSP.


And here is how my SigmaDSP studio project looks like:



So the question is if I misunderstand something and there is no possible way to connect Teensy and ADAU1701 by the way of TDM?


But if it's possible, I'll be very happy if somebody could help me to find out how to connect them.