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ADuCM350 SDK not working on IAR 8.2

Question asked by CDiego on Jul 20, 2018
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I've been trying to make the ADuCM350 and the debugger work with the latest IAR IDE. However, I've been unsuccessful in this task.


I did a clean installation: uninstalled my previous IAR IDE, uninstalled the J-link drivers, uninstalled the drivers that come with the ADuCM350 SDK. I installed the new IAR version following the steps found in the SDK FAQ. 


The problem seems to be the flashing when downloading for debugging I get the error Can not read register 15 (r15) while cpu is running. Then I have to mass erase it as it seems to program the board in a faulty way.


Going back to a previous version of IAR everything works just fine


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance