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AD9361 - Can the Tx LO be used as a second Rx LO?

Question asked by StuartP on Jul 20, 2018
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With reference to the AD9361 Block Diagram found here , Rx Channel1(2) has a switch to select either the Rx LO or the Tx LO. This is obviously for Tx Monitoring and there's an associated switch to choose the TxMon1(2) input pin when the Tx LO is used.


Question is - Are these 2 switches ganged together and can't be controlled independently?


Looking through UG-671, this all seems to be under control of Registers 0x067 thru 0x071, Table 29.

Register 0x070 "Tx Mon1 Config" has 6 bits labelled "Must be b110000" - do these bits toggle the switches?


Under certain Use Cases i.e. just using the AD9361 as a Receiver, then this capability of having two independently tunable LO's for Channel1 and Channel2 would double the capability (able to monitor 2 separate RF frequencies).


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