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GUIs for ADRV9009

Question asked by Sylvain.L on Jul 20, 2018
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I'm trying to use the ADRV9009 on a ZCU102 board but I have two problems :


1. On the linux of the board


It boots, I can see the IIO Oscilloscope, and the ADRV9009 is detected but I can't find how to get the ADRV9009 plugin for the IIO Oscilloscope described here : 


How do I find it and install it on the linux of the board ?



2. On my PC connected to the ZCU102


I have a PC connected to the ZCU102, running the ADRV9009 GUI. The problem is that it doesn't detect the ADRV9009.

I am connected with a UART and ethernet links to the board.


I have checked the IP adresses:

- The TCP IP of the ZCU102 is and I've tried the ports corresponding to this adress on my PC, they don't work, I get the message "Cannot Connect to the Device. Please Check IP Adress And/Or Port Number". 


- However, the UDP adress of the board is the same as detected of my PC, on the port 546, but I can't give a UDP adress to the ADRV9009 GUI.



Also, I don't really get the difference between the ADRV9009 GUI and the ADRV9009 plugin of the IIO Oscilloscope.