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DC2069A (LT8490) always shows 4 Faults (Red LED)

Question asked by waisiang.yeoh on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Tage

I have the DC2069A kit with LT8490. 

I have plenty of new SLA batteries and the original charger usually charge them up to 13.5V (DMM float measured). 

Usually, I use an electronic load to discharge them to around 12.5V to test charger.

Then I use DC2069 with PSU 30V input to charge this SLA.

It worked, during the tests a few months ago.


This week, I try them again, all failed.

I checked their voltage, most of them at around 12.xx up to 13V. LT8490 should be able to charge them.

I check the UART and I always get the UART stream of "000100" (S2S1S0, F2F1F0) with 4 red LED flashing with all the kits connected to my batteries.


This happen with or without grounding Config1 and Config2 to disable the features.


Why is that so? 

(I have 4 of this new kits and 6 SLA batteriess. It could not be coincidence.)