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Display problem with FMCOMMS5 and ZCU102

Question asked by philbog on Jul 20, 2018
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we are evaluating the FMCOMMS5 with a Xilink ZCU102 board (rev 1.0).

We have put the image on a SD card as described in
We have moved to the base directory of the SD card the required image file and content of zynqmp-zcu102-ad9361-fmcomms5 directory.
We connect a monitor on with a displayport connection, a mouse and a keyboard to the ZCU102 board.
We connect the FMCOMMS5 board on the ZCU102 board.
Then we power on the board and observe on COM4 the start-up of the board. Linux boots but at the end there is no display on the monitor and it seems that there is an error during the boot process.
We have the trace data available from Teraterm that differs from what is posted in

Can you help us to solve this issue ?


Note : We have tried with another Xilinx image on the SD card and we can get an image on the monitor with the displayport cable connected to the ZCU102.