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cgs_status error caused by the function MYKONOS_radioOn

Question asked by yangyongjin on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by larsc

Dear ADI Engineer:

        My hardware system is AD9371+xc7z045ffg900-2, and I run no-os system.I download the source code from ADI Official website. I encounter one problem which is caused by MYKONOS_radioOn(),could you give me some advice?


I have received a series of K characters,I found the CGS and ILAS have done success,as show in below.

and the cgs_state value is 2. I think it means the JESD204B status is correct.

but,when sdk run to MYKONOS_radioOn(),the cgs_state value turn to 0,phy_disperr and phy_notintable have a error vaule. the error show as next figure:

I have two questions:

Why the JESD204B status is correct before the MYKONOS_radioOn() run? 

Why the function MYKONOS_radioOn() will cause the 204B status error?

Beg your reply, thanks.