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HMC7044 no-OS driver of JESD FW fails to calc common divisor

Question asked by Lennart_MLE on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by DragosB

Hi there,

we are trying to get the HMC7044 working by using the according driver of the no-OS JESD Framework. The HMC7044 should only get on reference clock on Clkin0. Thus, I entered 0 for the other clkin frequencies:


struct hmc7044_init_param hmc_init_param = {

      .spi_init = spi_init,

      .clkin_freq = { 20000000, 0, 0, 0, },






The get_common_divisor function sort of overrides it's last calculated common divisor, which might be fine if you want to have all reference clock inputs connected and switch between those during runtime. I'd highly appreciate if you could either tell me whether I'm not using the framework correctly or fix this problem i.e. by adding i.e. an input enable flag to the struct and the according driver functions ... or something like that.


Thank you very much!


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