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adv7604 driver loading error

Question asked by shiv on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by PoornimaSubramani


we have mounted adv7604(decoder) and adv7340(encoder) i2c devices on tx2 interface board. when I am loading adv7604 module I am getting the following kernel messages.

adv7604 0-004c: Handling HPD 0 GPIO
[ 2032.180390] i2c i2c-0: Failed to register i2c client dummy at 0x40 (-16)
[ 2032.187191] adv7611 0-004c: failed to create i2c client 2
[ 2032.192776] adv7604: probe of 0-004c failed with error -12

the device is not getting detected with i2cdetect tool. can anyone please tell me what could be the reason?

any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,