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Quastion about LTC6811 Demo System (DC2259A+DC2026C)

Question asked by Kazu on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Jon.Munson



I receive a following error message after clicking the READ CONFIG command button on LTC6804/LTC6811 GUI.


Error : LTC6804 board is not connected. Connect LTC6804 board to DC590B with ribbon cable then try again.


But the ribbon cable is connected DC2259A to DC2026C and an USB cable is connected my PC to DC2026C by following the introduction written in the DEMO MANUAL DC2259A.


The only way to resolve this issue (reset the error) is to re-install the DC590B software and then reset the DC2026C, not power on reset but push RESET button on the DC2026C board. I can use the GUI correctly by doing so.


Why does that error message appear?