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Pls help provide technical support about LTC3350EUHF#PBF

Question asked by Gloria.Chen on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by MartyM

1, According to the circuit schematic diagram shown in the annex, the 12Vdc DC power is applied between +12V and GND, the starting value of the supercapacitor voltage is 0V, the supercapacitor is charged at the initial stage, the input current is increased from 0 to 0.45A, and the total voltage of the supercapacitor will no longer increase to the 2V voltage, and the input current becomes 0.01A. It is impossible to continue charging the supercapacitor.

2, Question: 1) the circuit is the recommended circuit of the reference chip manual. Is there any unreasonable place in the actual use of the circuit parameters?

2) does the chip need to use software to configure registers?

3, note: 1) input voltage 12V, current 8A;

2) the maximum voltage of the supercapacitor is 10.7V;

3) the output voltage is 12V/6.5A during the power off of the city.