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Help needed: DC9003A-C Smartmesh WH & digital inputs

Question asked by barneyc on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Fil

Hi there.  Sorry to have to ask but I have an intern trying to reproduce some work found in a paper where a 4-20mA sensor is connected to an Arduino, which then sends this out to the mote pins (VBAT, RX CTSn, RX, TX, GND & TX CTSn).


He can see the mote on the gateway and query the temperature from the mote itself but is struggling with the documentation to find out how to get the payload for those pins.


To me it looks like, if the mote is connected and operational it should just send a notification every 10 seconds of anything on those pins.  BUT he can't see that in the API Explorer.


To help get him started, can anyone shed any light on how best to hook at 4-20mA sensor directly into the DC9003A-C  AND get the payload readings from the gateway?