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On-chip ROM,UC/OS-iii

Question asked by MOUNIKAMADURI on Jul 18, 2018
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Can you please clarify the doubts related to ADSP-21469 EZ BRD


1.   What are the settings required ,so that i can generate the executable then load on On-Chip ROM(4Mbit) of                      ADSP-  21469 EZ BOARD

2.   Can I run my Application by writing into On-Chip ROM(4Mbit) of ADSP-21469.

3.   What are the settings required such that On-chip RAM and ROM of ADSP-21469 only used by the Application code      developed by me. This is required to check that my application does not require the Off-Chip RAM and/or ROM                interfaced to ADSP-21469.
4. To port uc/os-iii RTOS(Recently we procured new license for RTOS) to ADSP-21469 what are the steps need to be         done? or by simply adding the BSP of ADSP-21469 to CCES is enough?

5.  What is the procedure to inform/pass to uc/os-iii (RTOS) about the details/configuration (external RAM/ROM etc) of      my hardware engineer developed ADSP-21469 based board.