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Grainy image in low light with ADV7180 decoder?

Question asked by ViMu on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by ViMu

Hi ,

      I am using ADV7180 video decoder to decode analog camera input.

When there is sufficient light the image quality is good. But when there is low light the image appears grainy.

Please suggest me as to what parameters of decoder should be changed to reduce this.


Current values used are


      0x00, 0x00,               /* INSEL = CVBS in on AIN1 and VID_SEL = NTSC M*/
      0x17, 0x41,               /* Select SH1 */
      0x31, 0x02,               /* Clear NEWAV_MODE, SAV/EAV to suit ADV video encoders */
      0x3d, 0xa2,               /* MWE enable manual window, color kill threshold to 2 */
      0x3e, 0x6a,               /* BLM optimization */
      0x3f, 0xa0,               /* BGB optimization */
      0x0E, 0x80,               /* Hidden space*/
      0x55, 0x81,               /* ADC configuration*/
      0x0E, 0x00,               /* User space*/


rest are defaults.