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ADV7611 get data 16 smaller

Question asked by hellozrf on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by GuenterL

When I use the adv7611 to decode a RGB 0-255 HDMI video ,I find that datas get are 16 smaller then they were:when datas is smaller 0x10,they become 0x00,but if the data is 0x11.0x12,0x13,0x14....0xff, it get 0x01,0x02,0x03...0xef.

I decode the datas to RGB 0-255.The register I used like the following:

assign IIC_reg[0]  =24'h98Ff80;//reset

assign IIC_reg[1]  =24'h98F480;

assign IIC_reg[2]  =24'h98F57C;

assign IIC_reg[3]  =24'h98F84C;

assign IIC_reg[4]  =24'h98F964;

assign IIC_reg[5]  =24'h98FA6C;

assign IIC_reg[6]  =24'h98FB68;

assign IIC_reg[7]  =24'h98FD44;

assign IIC_reg[8]  =24'h980013;//13:720p;1e:1080p;

assign IIC_reg[9]  =24'h980105;//x000:60hz;05:video;06:Graphics

assign IIC_reg[10] =24'h980212;//f5->f2

assign IIC_reg[11] =24'h980340;//h980360,60ddr,40sdr 

assign IIC_reg[12] =24'h980462; //a2->62

assign IIC_reg[13] =24'h980528;

assign IIC_reg[14] =24'h980B44;

assign IIC_reg[15] =24'h980C42;

assign IIC_reg[16] =24'h98147f;

assign IIC_reg[17] =24'h981580;

assign IIC_reg[18] =24'h981983;

assign IIC_reg[19] =24'h983340;

assign IIC_reg[20] =24'h44ba01;

assign IIC_reg[21] =24'h644081;

assign IIC_reg[22] =24'h689b03;

assign IIC_reg[23] =24'h68c101;

assign IIC_reg[24] =24'h68c201;

assign IIC_reg[25] =24'h68c301;

assign IIC_reg[26] =24'h68c401;

assign IIC_reg[27] =24'h68c501;

assign IIC_reg[28] =24'h68c601;

assign IIC_reg[29] =24'h68c701;

assign IIC_reg[30] =24'h68c801;

assign IIC_reg[31] =24'h68c901;

assign IIC_reg[32] =24'h68ca01;

assign IIC_reg[33] =24'h68cb01;

assign IIC_reg[34] =24'h68cc01;

assign IIC_reg[35] =24'h680000;

assign IIC_reg[36] =24'h6883fe;

assign IIC_reg[37] =24'h686f0c;

assign IIC_reg[38] =24'h68851f;

assign IIC_reg[39] =24'h688770;

assign IIC_reg[40] =24'h688d04;

assign IIC_reg[41] =24'h688e1e;

assign IIC_reg[42] =24'h681a8a;

assign IIC_reg[43] =24'h6857da;

assign IIC_reg[44] =24'h685801;

assign IIC_reg[45] =24'h680398;

assign IIC_reg[46] =24'h687510;