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AD9371 runInitCals fails

Question asked by saravana on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by saravana


We are working on our custom board.


Using ADI kernel, we were able to bring up the JESD interface, as well RF data path. (data path is in progress)


We are now trying to bring up the same on user space, using mykonos library without kernel driver. (ad9371.c)


JESD interface is ok. However when "TX_LO_LEAKAGE_INTERNAL | TX_QEC_INIT" options are enabled in initCalMask, it fails. If we disable these options there are no errors.

This was not the case in kernel driver. (It works fine when these options are enabled)


I have attached the error log which we get from user space.


Kindly provide pointers, if this is configuration issue and which params can have an effect on init cal to fail.