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Unable to boot correctly ZCU102 + ADRV9009

Question asked by Sylvain.L on Jul 17, 2018
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I'm using the the ADRV9009 on a ZCU102 card and I have tried to boot with the "2018_R1-2018_06_26.img" file from Analog Device.


I've got the same boot message than on the documentation when I connect my board on my computer using minicom, however I do not get anything on a screen when I connect it with a HMDI port. 



Here are the things that I have checked :


  • I'm using the SD card delivered with the ADRV9009 (BOOT and rootfs partitions). There was no boot for the ADRV9009+ZCU102 so I added the "BOOT.BIN", "Image" and "system.dtb" files on the root of the BOOT partition
  • I have checked the jumpers, they are well parametered for a boot with an SD card.
  • I've tried the two HDMI ports of the ZCU102 with no result.
  • When I connect the card on the display port, I only have "_" on the screen, but it seems to freeze.
  • I have tried to connect a mouse but I don't see it on the screen.



Do you guys have any idea ? 



Thanks in advance