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ADV7611 SD HDMI input

Question asked by Michael_H on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by GuenterL

Dear all,


we are using the ADV7611 as HDMI receiver on one of our graphics card. It receives HDMI from a graphics processor and the output is connected to a FPGA. We are using the ADV7611 basically as a serial to parallel converter. Until now we used the ADV7611 just for HD resolution 720p 1080p/i and it works perfekt. Now we want to use it with 480i and 576i as input.

The settings for the ADV7611 are made as proposed by the script ":6-1d Port A, 480i,576i,240p,288p,480p 576p Any Color Space In (YCrCb 444 24bit from ADV761x) Through HDMI Out 444 YCrCb VIC[1-3,6-14,17,18,21-29,30]:"

These settings works also for 720p 1080p/i. The I2C register dump is attached.

Whenn we now switch the GPU to 480i or 576i we see a good LLC clock but HS and VS signals are not valid. We forces the HDMI Pixel repetition rate to 2 via DEREP_N(3:0) HDMI Register 0x41 to get a valid clock of 13,5 MHz at the output.

The I2C register dump for 576i is attached.


In order to check if the GPU puts out a valid 576i or 480i video we used the same GPU settings on the other HDMI output and attached a TV for checking the video.


I have also attached the settings for the GPU and the ADV7611 we made.


Are our settings correct?

Any suggestions how we can proceed?


Thanks in advance!