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IMU sensor question(ADIS16467 datasheet)

Question asked by hazelnut on Jul 16, 2018

Now I am studying ADIS16467-3BMLZ(IMU sensor)

I was looking at the data sheep and there was a lot of difficulty in studying


1. I don't know Error over Temperature on page 3 of the data sheet


2. I don't know Error over temperature in  "−40°C ≤ TC ≤ +85°C, 1 σ" 


3. I don't know Misalignment Error in Axis to axis, 1 σ


4. If you look at the 'unit' item on page 3 of the data sheet, there are several units.


% FS






°/sec/√Hz rms




mg rms

μg / √Hz rms


I don't know this unit is what means. 

Please answer to me.