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high power amplifier to ultrasound ceramic

Question asked by natanel on Jan 5, 2012
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looking for high power high frequency amplifier that will be connected to ultrasound ceramic


I am not HW person so help me to ask the right question




input output

- up to 20 Mhz pure sinuous

- controlled or around 20 gain



- up to 3 V p-p (drived from AD9580 dds board)

- 50 ohm



remark: as ceramic may be broken and change its resistance

we need to take some caution the output leg

- up to 60 V p-p

- changeable output resistance that will not harm amplifier 0-inf

- changeable output resistance that amplifier can handle 5-200 hom

- changeable output phase that amplifier can handle -60 to 60


probably some cooling device


where to start?

what else to ask?




also: would like to connect only vrms measure to the output , any suggestion?