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TES GUI not connected to the board

Question asked by tunsam on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by tunsam

Hi sir,

I worked with the AD9371+ ZC706 evaluation board, and i can connect and stream data with the oscilloscope application. I am however unable to use the Evaluation Software TES particulary to connect my board with this software.

So I tried to generate the the Mykonos initialization structures (myk.c myk.h and myk7_ad9528init.c) without connecting it to my board. 


My current configuration is:

HDL design (hdl-2018_r1)
Software design (no-OS-2018_r1)
Design Environment (Vivado 2017.4.1)
Boards (ZC706 & ADRV9371)


I tested my SDK project with two Mykonos initialization structures (first one generated by my own PC and the other from internet) 

Please if you can help me in this situation (I see that the only difference between the files is the filter coefficients)????


Thank you