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Can't build HDL reference project for FMComms2 on Zedboard in Vivado

Question asked by fpga_man on Jul 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by lnagy

I am unable to build the Vivado HDL files for the FMComms2 project for the Zedboard. Following the “Building HDL” instructions on the Analog Wiki page

The build process fails at the “Zilinx: build your desired project” step. Here are the steps that were followed:


1. Installed Vivado 2017.4.1 on Windows 10
2. Installed Cygwin64 with git and make
3. Set up the paths for Xilinx Vivado in the .bashrc file
4. Clone the HDL repository
5. Select the branch
6. Building the project libraries:
a. Build the library files (NOTE: running enter “make -c projects/fmcomms2/zed” in cygwin64. It fails with the message  “this program built for i386-pc-mingw32”. There is no information on what this message means, or what to do about it, so each IP was built manually by starting vivado, and running each script to package the IP. For example, open a DOS box, cd to ..\library\axi_ad9361   start vivado from the Dos box, and then within vivado, use the TCL command processor to run the axi_ad9361_ip.tcl  scropt. Do this for each of the libraries IP files listed below.

b. The following library files were successfully built within vivado:
7. Unable to build the ../projects/fmcomms2/common   files
   a. Cd to ../projects/fmcomms2/common
   b. Start vivado
   c. Create a new vivado project in fmcomms2/common
   d. In the TCL command line, start the fmcomms2_bd.tcl command  (type source fmcomms2_bd.tcl in the TCL          command line)
   e. This command fails with this message:
         invalid command name "ad_ip_instance"
          while executing
         "ad_ip_instance axi_ad9361 axi_ad9361"
          (file "fmcomms2_bd.tcl" line 29)
   f. It looks like vivado can’t find the IP libraries build in step 6, but the IP files were added to the IP integrator (see screen shot below).


At this point, I can’t proceed any further or get around this problem.

My question is: Why can’t ADI just provide a .zip file of the vivado project that can be downloaded and opened for the zedboard? A .zip file of the reference design as it was built by ADI would be a huge help to the user community. Why make the customer jump through so many hoops to recreate a project that ADI has already created? That would save hours of frustration for the customer.  WHY CAN’T ADI JUST PROVIDE THE VIVADO PROJECT FILES FOR AN OUT OF THE BOX SOLUTION? IS THAT TOO HARD TO DO? Creating the vivado project from the current instructions is a huge exercise in frustration. Power users may be able to successfully recreate the HDL projects, but not everyone is a power user.