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Accessing I2C address of ADT7516 ( Temp sensor )

Question asked by Shreeya on Jul 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by KarenNE

I have a BBG and EVAL board of ADT7516. I connected them by SDA and SCL pins and as they are to

be connected with the PC by the usb port, they will have a common ground.


After this setup, I did i2cdetect -y -r which gives me the output as 0x51.

This address doesn't seem to be the address of the ADT7516 sensor. Instead, I can see that

there is another part on the I2C bus, a serial rom chip 24lc64, which indeed has the I2C address

as 0x51.

Page 11 -


But my goal here is to be able to talk to the temp sensor ADT7516. I tried out to ask for some help

on IRC and google groups and they said that it might be possible that the mux which is connected to the

temp sensor is sending things in a wrong way. - page 11 of the datasheet


I got some suggestion from the IRC channel to ask here that whether it is possible to convince the

on-board microcontroller to connect the adt to the I2C bus ( via the mux ) to enable such a connection

to work.