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Video Frame Grabber board and decoder help

Question asked by jecalderon on Jul 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by GuenterL

My question is broad and elementary. But I am asking for a light to help me understand what and where to start looking.

I am a C++ and Wolfram coder. I have a much needed application that requires me to capture the frames of a old ccd camera with the BNC type connector.


This is an old system and frame grabbers available do not satisfy my processing and interface needs and worst is that their drivers no longer Win 10 supported.


I am very interested to put together my own prototype.  But I am confused as to what components I need to put together.  I am interested to get a CCD image sensor and put together the circuit that will allow me to capture the image data stream and quickly move it to my desktop computer GPU or CPU memory and store in disk  the video file.


Can anyone here brief me on that are the components required to get the image from the BNC camera or from a CCD module?  I keep coming across the terms CODEX and decoder and coder. But not sure what the relationship between this and the image sensor and move the video data into my computer  via USB , serial I2C  or what ever best suited.


ANy link to any instruction in this subject be appreciated  as well as relevant Analog Device part number.