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Setting the RX Gain on the AD9371

Question asked by Billy7411 on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by mhennerich

Hi everyone,


I have been trying to update the RX Gain through the IIO Oscilloscope GUI and through the device driver directly. Any attempts to change the value using either method have not worked. The following is an example of how I would try to update the gain:



root@analog:/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3# echo 20 > in_voltage0_hardwaregain

root@analog:/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3# cat in_voltage0_hardwaregain

30.000000 dB


I am currently running in manual gain control mode, which I verified using the following commands:


root@analog:/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3# cat in_voltage0_gain_control_mode



The IIO Oscilloscope GUI confirms that the gain control mode is set to manual. Any attempts to change the gain value in the GUI also do not work.


I have also encountered several error messages in  when trying to set these values:


ERROR: 40: Invalid ObsRx channel in setObxRxManualGain()

ERROR: 257: ARM Command Error in MYKONOS_setObsRxPathSource()

ERROR: 364: MYKONOS_waitArmCmdStatus() exitd due to ARM error for the desired ARM opcode

WARNING: 45: Cannot read ObsRx gain index. ObsRx Channel is disabled.


I have attached the output of dmesg & iio_info as additional reference.


Any help towards solving this problem would be appreciated.