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Question asked by wonkun on Jul 13, 2018
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We are looking for HDMI transmitter IC.


The CPU currently in use AM3358 and HDMI transmitters TDA19988.


The current status is output directly from the AM3358 to the TFT-LCD, and the same screen is output via HDMI via the TDA19988.


However, the LCD needs to output a resolution of 800X480(WVGA) and the HDMI should output the same resolution.


The TDA19988 does not support 800X480(WVGA), so when outputting to the monitor through HDMI, the bottom part is black and the screen is blank.


Can you recommend HDMI IC supporting 800X480(WVGA) from AD Corporation?


Looking at the AD homepage and looking at the ADV7611 support, this IC was an HDMI receiver.


Thank you for your recommendation.


Thank you.