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Issue with Blackfin BF531

Question asked by Parvathi on Jan 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by vinodbableshwar

We have observed that after some time data on my blackfin board's uart is getting corrupted (460kbps - UART is configured in DMA mode) . At bootup this doesnt happen, this is observed at runtime( after 5 hrs or 2 days ..). Also , we cannt say its garbage data. The packets you can easily distinguish but the bytes are corrupted.

eg : Actual data       : A0 E1 92 0C 7F 0F 7F 00 7F 0F 00 2E

Data after corruption : A1 F4 82 86 7F 8F 7F 1F 7F 2E 04 2E

Even hardcoded MACROS in blackfins application code are getting changed. Once it has got corrupted it never recovers.

Any clues, anything to do with power supply? We have checked crystals already.. No issues.

(Also this is not observed in all the boards. we produce around 70 a month. and 30% show this problem. )