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ADA2200 - Circuit Example Suggests 125kHz Demod Operation?

Question asked by JeffreyGage on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by JeffreyGage

The context for this question is as a high frequency response LVDT Signal Conditioner.

I was looking at the ADA2200 datasheet when I came across this passage in applications information:

ADA Datasheet pg17

From what I see here it suggests that the ADA2200 can be run using a 1MHz clock and can output demod at 125 kHz.


Question 1: Doesn't the datasheet say that a max 500kHz clock should be used and that only up to a ~30kHz output can be attained (~60 kHz output sample rate, ~30kHz after Nyquist)? Did I miss something?


Question 2: Is the multiplexer ADC viable for increasing output frequency on one channel? It shows application for multiple channels, but what if I used the same channel as inputs? Could I use two ADA2200 units in the formation suggested above and get 60kHz out?