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ADXL355 interrupt functions mapping

Question asked by anatolyb on Jul 12, 2018



I am using an EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ Rev.B evaluation module and probably found a bug.


When using the accelerometer in internal syncronization mode I can't map anything to INT1 and INT2 pins. This is how I configure the ADXL: RANGE = 0x81, then INT_MAP = 0x14, then POWER_CTL = 0x00. That's all. The result is logical zeroes on INT1 and INT2. I see my frequency on DRDY pin.


When using the accelerometer in external syncronization mode (SYNC = 0x02) supplying my frequency to DRDY pin (according to Table 12 in the datasheet) I see expected frequency on INT2.


What is wrong with function mapping for INT1 and INT2 in default (internal) sync mode?

I tried changing INT1&2 polarity (RANGE=0xC1) - it works, polarity is changed but signals on INT1 and INT2 are constant. I also tried disabling DRDY (POWERCTL=0x40) - works, DRDY ping is disabled, but INT1 and INT2 stay still.