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Spontaneous polarity flip on audio channel

Question asked by twilkers Employee on Jul 12, 2018

Customer is currently running a couple of amps, each running sigma 300’s on an A2B network and has to switch between signal flows/amps quite frequently during tuning.  attached is a simplified project showing the issue. 


I’m experiencing an issue where every time that I Link-Compile-Download to one of the amps/Sigma Studio schematics, the polarity on one of my subwoofer channels flips 180 degrees. It basically toggles – once I go real-time in the schematic I’ll get the opposite polarity from the previous time I was running real-time, and so I end up flipping the phase 180 each time in the Text-in EQ block to fix it. I am wondering if it could be an issue with this particular Text-in EQ block, as I was experimenting with the phase shift toggle during tuning.