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AD9694 disparity errors

Question asked by mauriziob on Jul 11, 2018
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Good Morning  

I have developed a design that use the Xilinx FPGA ultrascale “XCKU040-FFVA1156” that interface the ADC (AD9694) by using 4 lines JESD.

The JESD line rate is > 4 Gbps.

The FPGA design is implemented using VIVADO 2018.1 and the Xilinx IP JESD204 PHY Version 4.0

I have the following situation:

  1. If the analog signal input to the ADC is in the range 70mVpp all is working correctly: the FPGA generate the signal “rx_sync” that stay permanently deasserted (high) and the digital data transmitted to the ADC are correctly received
  2. If the analog signal input to the ADC is greater than 70mVpp (i.e.: 100mVpp) are detected from the FPGA “Disparity Errors” and consequently asserted the signal “rx_sync” (low) and the reception of data interrupted

      (continuously I have: a new synchrnonization restart => rx_sync deasserted => data received correctly followed to       data with “disparity errors” detected  => rx_sync asserted  => new synchronization ….)  


The above situation is present both with scrambler enabled or disabled.

Can you help me to solve this problem ?

Many thanks for your collaboration

Best Regards