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Question asked by sam_seu on Jul 10, 2018

Our lithium battery information: 4 series 7 parallel, 3000mAH 18650 batteries.          

Code Files of LTC2944 downloaded from the official website has encountered problems:           

1. The coefficient of current conversion formula is inconsistent  In CODE, the formula of current conversion is 60mV, while the formula coefficient in Datasheet-Page13 is 64mV. Which is the criterion?            The same problem exists in the formula of voltage conversion.           

2.  The adc_code in mAh Switching formula refers to the register value of LTC2944.           


about the calculation of electricity.           

1. can the battery power calculated by the mAh conversion function in LTC2944-Code Files be used as the current battery capacity?           

2. is it necessary to create battery power calculation models and algorithms in MCU? If needed, how to create it?            3. do you need to charge the battery fully and initialize the LTC2944 initializes, do you need to put the value in the register of LTC2944?            Is Charge Threshold High (04H, 05H) in 4. LTC2944 register when the battery is full and writes FFFFh? How do you use Charge Threshold these 4 registers reasonably?