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How to Monitor Backlash in Gear

Question asked by on Jul 11, 2018
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Dear Sir/Madam,

             I am Working on R&D Project entitled " Monitoring Lateral Misalignment and Backlash in Spur Gear using Proximity Sensor". I had completed my research work up to Monitoring Misalignment using analog Proximity Sensor but I am unable to find Backlash (Reducing one gear teeth thickness by 1 mm).  Please suggest me a suitable sensor so that I can conclude my research.

1) Gear Box is having single gear pair only.

2) DC Motor having Max 1500 RPM

3) OD of Gear is 150mm

4) Diametral Pitch is 8

5) Number of teeth is 45.




Thanks and Regards

Naseh Momin

FCRIT Vashi 400073