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ADXRS290 evaluation

Question asked by LeifB on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by NevadaMark

Hi, I have bought the satellite ADXRS290Z-S2 which includes the schematic/user guide EVAL-ADXRS290Z User Guide UG780. Unfortunately this shows another module (ADXRS290Z 301-651). I have tried to resolve this with your Swedish ditributor without success. I also bought the EVAL-ADXRS290Z-M which includes various schematics but also here there is something wrong as the satellite drawing named "ADXRS290 SATELITE" is dated 2011-06-20 and shows a 20 pole connector whilst the supplied module has a 10-pole dito. I am very confused and disappointed with the poor quality of your docs. Hope you can help me! best regards, Leif