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Analyzing the ADSP 21469 anomalies

Question asked by Rpentyala on Jul 9, 2018
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I am trying to understand the anomaly provided by AD on ADSP-21469 and during the course came across couple of questions/clarifications.


Visual DSP ++ 5.0 Update 8 used to compile and load program into target. ADSP-21469 Silicon Revision 0.2 used in program and while going through the anomalies many were mentioned about ( please consult the "Silicon Anomaly Tools Support" help page in the applicable documentation and release notes for details.). Not sure what that means...


For example refer to adsp-21467_21469-sharc-anomaly.pdf 

15000002 anomaly workaround section.


Having tough time to understand some of the anomalies listed in the document. 


Our project configuration is as follows:

All of the processor specific library functions configured in 48-bit space and in internal memory.

Application code configured as 16-bit VISA and stored in internal momery

Complete data memory configured in external DDRAM as 32-bit.


with the above information, is there a way to figure out which anomalies applicable and which are not?


Any comments or feedback on this highly helpful