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Problem with AD6676 JESD Example Design on VC707

Question asked by Lennart_MLE on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by andrei_g

Hi there,


we have an AD6676 and a VC707 Xilinx FPGA eval board. As a simple start of working with the Analog Devices JESD204B Framework, we wanted to run the example design using the No-OS Software. We ended up with seeing a Capture Error from adc_ramp_test function, which complains about only receiving zeros. 


I therefore added some debug signals to the block design to see what's going on. Turned out that there is some data coming in through the Gigabit Tranceivers but I hardly can interpret the data. 

I can see the ILA at the beginning with an R as the first Byte and A as the last Byte of a multiframe. Afterwards the data looks quite random to me. It doesn't seam like the expected counter of the ramp_test. After a while sync~ and reset~ get asserted again, which I would expect not to happen. 

AD6676_ebz eval design sync and reset signal


I would highly appreciate any advice on this one. Is this behavior known or even expected? What could possibly be the issue? Why does the ax_ad6676_core doesn't output any data? 



Thanks in advance,