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Question asked by Silver on Jul 9, 2018



1) I checked that the marking of ICs U1 to U8 as "8129" on EV-ADAR-D2S eval board, although the UG-866 Pg28 BOM for EV-ADAR-D2S indicated as "AD8130ARZ".  So can I confirm  which IC is really mounted?


2)  I tried to measure the output of the O5 connector on the EV-ADAR-D2S board, with the setup given on Pg11 of UG-66 (Figure 7), with Signal source input of -50dBm at J6. I am only getting a signal of -50dBm at the SA at 1MHz..


My understanding is that ADF4159 has a gain of 22dB and AD8130ARZ on EV-ADAR-D2S has unity gain, so I should be getting something close -30dBm but only getting -50dBm. Is that the expected output level or what should be the expected output level I am getting at O5?


Thanks in advanced for your help!