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FDD independent mode

Question asked by hariprasad.mitta on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by hariprasad.mitta

Hi sir,

            I am trying to configure FDD independent mode pin control mode using drivers provided by analog devices. i set all require parameters and trying to configure AD9361 but bist loop back and tx bist is not working only rx bist is working.

RX bist( sine tone generated by AD giving to fpga) is working, i am clueless where i am going wrong.


1) Even i check the enable statemachine in 0x017 register ,it shows in FDD mode.

2) I saw the control outputs  status coming from AD to FPGA by configuring 0x035 register with 9 value, there i got 0xC0 implies TXON is 0, RXON is 1, please help in solving this problem