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AD5933 Output problem

Question asked by andergoia on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Snorlax

Hi, i am currently working in my project using the AD5933 chip conected to an Arduino for a bioimpedance measurement. I am using the high accuracy impedance measurement circuit by Analog Devices, to measure lower impedances. THe problem is that i have made the circuit and programm it and somehow everything works except there is no output signal. I have check the circuit and there no problem, everything seems to work perfectly, even the chip is be able to communicate and measure, but because of no output the values are not real.


For the code, iam using an AD5933 Arduino libray i found in github. THe proejct name is AD5933_ARDUINO_Biomass. I am not using the program, just the updated library (Its the latest made or updated libray i found), and i have copied all the step to make the chip work.


My idea is not to use the sweep, instead just measure one frequency, 100 KHz, because its the chips limit. For the range i am using the last one, the smallest one, to avoid electrolysis.


Ihave made test and everything seems okay, after talking to my professor, we thought it may be the chip, because apparently everything else works. Does anyone had the same problem, or someone that may know what is the probelm? I had the arduino library and my code, in case someone want to check.